Remember the times...

As convenient and sophisticated as today's electronics are, it's so nice to see children engage in the simple pleasure of play!  Where they let their imaginations run free and enjoy the innocence of their childhood. Where they act silly and giggle for no apparent reason.  Where they play with dolls, and battle action figures, and dress up into characters. 

How many of you remember the "good `ole days" when the neighborhood kids would gather outside to play hide and seek, and dodge ball, and hop scotch all day long - then scramble at sunset to make it home before their porch lights came on?  How about when it was commonplace to see little girls with dolls in tow, and little boys innocently playing cops and robbers without fear of being disciplined or labeled?  How many of you remember the times when you either relied on a member of your "village" (i.e., family, friends, neighbors, teachers, clergy, the owner of a local 'mom and pop store,' etc.) to help raise your children - or were part of someone else's village to steer their children in the right direction?

Well, it's true that times have changed.  Fortunately, God has not. He remains consistent. He was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.     

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