Do You Have To Be Perfect To Be A Parent?

After the birth of a child, one of the most frequent prayers has to be "God, don't let me screw this up!" Being a parent carries with it innumerable anxieties. From physical health to spiritual health, there are so many areas of life that we ourselves have not yet mastered. How then can we be models for our children? There quickly creeps in the temptation to think that we have to be perfect to be parents. 

Well, that's not a very biblical perspective. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, parenting is not for the perfect, but for the persevering. Paul is a great example. This murderer of Christians becomes a father in the faith (1Cor 4:15). Though imperfect and flawed, he is entrusted with bringing souls to God, and he perseveres to the end (2Tim 4:7). It's the Gospel and his perseverance that makes him great, not any special personality of his own. 

From a biblical perspective, parenting is not about being perfect. Being a good christian parent does not mean to be pristine in love.  It means to persevere in pointing to the perfect Love. That's all that Paul did. With parents like that our Children learn that no matter how imperfect the world is (or their parents are) they are forever held in Love (Rom 8: 38-39).

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