Motherhood as an Act of Worship


When we think of worship, we think of time in church singing songs, lifting hands, and applauding through a solid worship set.
But worship isn't musical. It's relational and sacrificial.
It’s not confined to a church building or the melody of a song. Worship is bowing down before Him and humbly admitting my weakness, recognizing His greatness, perfection, and my unending need for Him.
Just like worship, motherhood is also relational and sacrificial.
When I live by this definition of worship, I realize that motherhood might be the best way I can worship my God. Because every task, every part of it is full of this definition of worship.
Motherhood reminds me how very small I am and how very big He is. Motherhood, in all its daily ups and downs, forces me to bow down and humbly admit my weakness, recognizing His greatness, His perfection, and my unending need for Him.
We need to live this kind of worship in every action, not just in song on Sundays, but lay our motherhood before God. Worshiping Him in every task, every step of the journey, relational and sacrificially worshiping Him through motherhood.
If my heart is giving it to Him. Doing it as if for Him. To give Him honor and reflect His glory. If I use each task as an “altar” to remind me to praise Him, obey Him, trust Him, love Him, repent and sacrifice out of obedience and trust.
That’s worship. That’s motherhood.
And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior." Luke 1:46-47
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