How to Build the Spirit of Christmas in Your Home

family celebrating the spirit of christmas
Creating a Christmas legacy for our kids is more important than gifts. We wanted them to have the same fond memories that they could pass on to their children.
So,if you’re struggling with creating a meaningful Christmas routine that your family can practice for years to come, here are few things to consider as you build your own Christmas legacy:

Sit down with your spouse and talk about some of the most memorable Christmas moments from both of your childhoods.

Jot those down on a piece of paper and see what you can adopt as a family. Picking meaningful traditions from both of your backgrounds will make it that much more special.


Dust off some old family recipes and incorporate them into your “must have” Christmas menu list.

Is there any dish that you love that your grandmother used to cook? Whatever the dish, bring it back to your dinner table and tell your children why it’s so special.


Keeping memories alive is a great way to pass on the Christmas legacy.

Spend some time recounting your most memorable childhood Christmas traditions. Children love hearing stories of the past, and when they hear them year over year, they’ll begin to treasure those memories as if they were their own!

As you can see, there are so many creative ways to create and pass on a wonderful Christmas legacy to your children. So in this hectic season of buying and deal hunting, take a few moments to think about what kind of Christmas legacy you’d like to leave your children. Then, go and make it happen this Christmas season!


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