Ways to Keep CHRIST this Christmas

christian family celebrating christmas


Christmas Day can be magical and filled with family and fun.  It can also be chaotic and stressful, filled with dishes to make and people to visit.  Whichever you land on, it is important to make sure that your family remembers to focus on the reason for the holiday.  

In the middle of the mistletoe and the memory-making, the stockings and the stuffing, here are some ways to focus Christ this Christmas:


Go to Church

One simple yet profound way to keep the focus on the Nativity this year is to attend church together as a family.


Pray Together as a Family

Taking the time to pray together as a family sends a powerful message to your children.  Whatever you do, be sure to lead your family in praying to the God who became flesh for us.


Greet Each Other with “Christ is Born!”

You may have heard the Easter greeting before:  One person says, “Christ is risen!” and the other responds, “Indeed He is risen!” There is a similar greeting for Nativity. One person will say, “Christ is born!” and the other will respond, “Glorify Him!”  What a beautiful, and enthusiastic, way to remember the birth of Christ on Christmas.

May your Christmas be filed with the light of Christ.  A blessed and meaningful Christmas to you all.  

Christ is born!  Glorify Him!


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