Ways to Get Your Children Thinking about God

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When kids are young, it’s easy for them to believe in the basic Word of God. When they get older, however, they begin to ask questions about biblical passages that may be difficult to answer. Additionally, kids brought up in Christian homes can sometimes get into a spiritual rut when it comes to their faith. As parents, how can we help our kids keep the Bible and God fresh in their minds?

Here are fresh ways to get your children thinking about God:

Practice spiritual discipline

Choose spiritual discipline to incorporate into your children’s lives such as starting a journal and write down what they feel God is saying to them about the verses they are reading in the Bible.They can also commit to memorize one verse a week from the Bible or study the verses they are reading.

Whatever they choose, help them incorporate it into their lives so when they grow up, it becomes a part of their daily routine.

Practice hospitality

Who doesn’t enjoy a friendly competitive game night getting to know brothers and sisters in Christ? Or you can have close friends over and enjoy a dinner together. Any way you display hospitality, your kids will see Christ lived out to bless others.

Practice kindness

Kindness can be as simple as opening a door for the person behind you, paying for someone’s coffee order at the local shop, or giving someone a tissue. When we become others-centered and focus on meeting their needs, we become more like Christ—and our children see that too.

Let them serve

Serving others is a great way to teach kids to not only think about others, but also appreciate the things they might take for granted. From something as simple as dishing out food at a soup kitchen or going on a missions trip.The lessons a child will learn as they serve alongside older Christians are priceless.

Teaching your kids to think about God regularly will not only keep them in alignment with the faith you want them to inherit, but will also encourage that faith to transform their minds and ultimately their hearts.

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