PRE-ORDER: Christian-Themed Easter Treasure Box!

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Our exclusive Christian-themed Easter Treasure Boxes offer a three-fold blessing for your little one that blends good reads*, good fun, and good snacks!

The gift keeps the focus on the real treasure this season - Jesus Christ. It includes two awesome child-friendly books - "Why Is There a Cross" and "Wake Up - It's Easter," which use rhyming prose to explain the meaning and symbolism of Easter in a manner that little kids will understand and enjoy. It also includes Easter trivia, coloring pages, and an assortment of Easter eggs filled with goodies, like bubbles, Christian erasers, wristbands, and more! And of course, an Easter box wouldn't be complete without traditional Easter candy!!

But wait ... there's more! The Easter Treasure Box also comes with an adorable little white bunny (actually not so little!) who is ready to be your little one's favorite pal!  


  • An adorable plush white 12" bunny (9" sitting) with a jelly bean tie and carrot feet
  • "Why Is There a Cross?" (Children's Book by Kathleen Long Bostrom)
  • "Wake Up - It's Easter Jesus Is Risen" (Children's Book)
  • Gospel Fun - The Sunday Morning Miracle Activity Booklet
  • Easter-themed Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets
  • Easter Trivia Sheet
  • "Jesus is Risen" Mini Notepad
  • "Rejoice - He Lives" Pencil
  • Scripture-themed Sweetarts
  • Scripture-themed Mini Chocolate Candy Bar
  • "Fruits of the Spirit" Fruit Snacks
  • Chocolate bunny
  • Easter eggs filled with Christian-themed toys and fun activities
  • Crayons
  • Peeps®
  • Christian-themed goodie bag with an assortment of Easter candy
  • And more...

    This lovely gift will make Easter morning unforgettable! Your little honey bunny can snuggle up with this new little honey bunny this Easter and enjoy reading about the blessed occasion of our Savior's resurrection while enjoying some delicious snacks!

    * The books are perfect for ages 3-8 years.

    Note: Assortment of candy treats (i.e., Jelly Belly® jelly beans, PEEPS, chocolates, etc.) will vary slightly by Easter basket, but all goodies are comparable.

    DON'T DELAY in placing your order so we can account for possible delays due to shipping irregularities!

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