About Us

About Divine Beginnings, LLC

At Divine Beginnings, LLC, we are all about the children! We offer a niche line of custom-designed, Christian-themed clothing and products for infants, toddlers, and small children. All Divine Beginnings® products feature positive affirmations through Biblical scriptures, spiritual symbolism, religious overtones, and uplifting messages. The multi-cultural artwork reflects the beauty and diversity of all of God’s children.  Most images are available in both English and Spanish.

Our product offerings meet an important void in the marketplace for Christian families looking to introduce and reinforce Biblically-inspired themes and principles to their children in a unique and meaningful way. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to glorify God by spreading HIS word through his divine little children. We're in the business of changing lives... one baby step at a time! As our company name implies, children are a divine gift from the Lord - and the early years are when children are most innocent, most pure, and most unblemished by the world around them. Thus, Divine Beginnings, LLC uses as its foundational scripture - Proverbs 22:6... "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it," noting that it is imperative to introduce Christian values to children during their early formative years to set the foundation for a lifetime.

Why Christian Clothes for Kids?

What we wear speaks volumes about who we are and who we want to become. From uniforms to formal attire, from our "Sunday best" to how we dress for a job interview - we use our clothes to communicate our values, our intentions, and even our hopes and expectations to the world (and to ourselves). Clothing is powerful, especially in forming personal identity. 

It's for these reasons that Christian clothing is so important, especially for children. Christian clothing helps children to begin to identify themselves as Christians. At the earliest age, putting on Christian themed images and biblical verses, they begin to identify themselves as Christians; they are heeding Paul's call: 'clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ.' (Romans 13:14). 

This is why we love our mission here at Divine Beginnings. We are helping parents develop young disciples, and helping young children give witness to the joy of the Gospel.
Divine Beginnings Began with a Vision from God... and Confirmation Came Through the Eyes of My Child

Hello, my name is Jacqueline, and I am the mompreneur for Divine Beginnings, LLC. My vision for this company all started in 2003 shortly after the birth of my first son. Like many new mothers, I wanted everything to be just right for the birth of my precious baby boy. I longed to have the perfect nursery for my little bundle of joy - one that warmed my heart; one that was both cutesy and sweet; and one where we would make lots of childhood memories.

As an angel collector, I'd hoped to find an "angelic" collection or other Christian-themed line specifically for babies. But I was dismayed to find that nothing existed in the marketplace that suited my needs or really spoke to my heart. So I settled for a simple baby blue, white and gold theme - and relied on my creativity with stencils and decals to create a unique masterpiece. 

My son and I had many precious "mommy moments" together sitting in his nursery. But my mind was always churning on what I'd do next with his room as he grew older. One day, as I rocked my newborn son during the wee hours of the morning, out of nowhere, God revealed to me the name, 'Divine Beginnings.' Wow! Those two beautiful words kept ringing in my ear. I said the words out loud several times. I didn't make a connection at the time of what would become of the name, but I knew immediately that I loved it! I recall gazing into my baby's beautiful brown eyes - and seeing him smile at me - as if to provide affirmation that it was something special. (And so it was!) 

It wasn't until a year and a half later, however, with the birth of my second son, that things started taking shape and my vision started becoming clearer. Over time, I realized that my calling was to open a Christian children's boutique. It was the perfect opportunity to blend and support my three of my passions — my love for God, my love for children, and my love for fashion.

And so my journey began! I actively started putting the wheels in motion to open my business. What began as a mere vision in 2003 became a reality in 2015 when I took a leap of faith and launched Divine Beginnings, LLC. I leveraged my personal strength, professional experience, and unwavering Christian values and beliefs to realize my dream. Since opening our doors just a few years ago, our team has grown and our mission has become cemented in God's hands!

I am thankful to all of you for your support as we teach, show, and witness to our children to follow Jesus.

I pray that our boutique collections will bless a special child(ren) in your life.